Omniwash Softener for Textiles


Made in Belgium

5 Liters

Concentrated product for gentle and soft fabrics

  • Fresh feeling
  • Pleasant perfume
  • Economic in use

Description: OMNI WASH washing liquids are produced in the form of a concentrate and are consumed at the rate of 50-125 ml per 5 kg of laundry. It is possible to use for washing underwear, Perfect for laundries, will cope with large volumes with minimal use of funds. For example, one five-liter canister is enough to wash 200-500 kg of clothing.




Machine wash:

4-6 kg: 30ml
> 6kg: 55ml

Hand wash: 20-30 ml

A high concentration of detergent can harm your laundry, so follow the dosage recommendations on the canister. Delicate linen and silk items can be washed in a washing machine only in the Manual delicate washing mode and only in a special laundry bag. The bag eliminates the ingress of “frames” of the bra into the tank, guarantees gentle washing, prevents stretching of the straps and fabric as a whole.