Kenosept Hand Sanitizer


KENOSEPT 5 Liter LIQUID for hand disinfection with an ethanol-based moisturizer

  • Made in Belgium
  • 85% Ethanol
  • 5 Liter

Product characteristics:

  • Contains ethanol (ETHANOL SOLUTION)
  • Contains softening and moisturizing substances that protect the skin against excessive drying, which is why it is well tolerated by the skin, especially in the case of frequent use, e.g. in the medical area, where procedures require very frequent use of disinfectants
  • Broad-spectrum of biocidal and virucidal activity
  • Does not contain fragrances, which would be an undesirable aspect if used frequently and/or in food production





Wash your hands and dry them, then apply (dose) 3ml of the preparation and rub it into your hands according to the hand disinfection procedure, so that the preparation reaches all surfaces of the hands including, and in particular all corners, which are usually statistically omitted.

The time when the skin should be moist is 30 seconds for a biocidal effect.