Kenosan Lactic Knife Disinfectant


Made in Belgium

20 Liters


Kenosan Lactic is a disinfectant for floors, walls and machines in the food industry, industrial kitchens and canteens. More over it is specificly developed and approved as alternative method for the disinfection of knives at the slaughter and cutting lines. The Kenosan Lactic formulation is based on lactic acid and specific food contact ingredients. Resulting in a product allowed for application without rinsing.

  • Kenosan Lactic is composed of lactic acid and special substances certified for food contact.
    As a result, the product is allowed to be used without having to flush the blades after disinfection.
  • Works at low temperatures
  • No need for rinsing after disinfection
  • Very short adhesion time

The product is reducing the total cost of disinfection in that cleaning staff do not need to wait for contact time because they can finish work after applying Keno san Lactic. And because rinsing is not required water consumption is also reduced.



– Disinfection
– Dosage: 1.5 -15% (on advice)
– Contact time: 0.3 – 15 min (on advice)
– No rinsing required