Kenolux S100 Professional Toilet Cleaner


Disinfection and proper sanitation of premises are necessary measures to avoid dangerous diseases and the spread of infections in public buildings and in the workplace.

Kenolux S100 – A Professional Sanitizer

Kenolux is an excellent preparation for sanitizing rooms, including toilets – it is produced in Belgium. After treatment, all viruses, microbes and fungi will be completely destroyed, they will not leave a trace. The risk of infectious diseases is reduced to zero. It is not necessary to stop the workflow during the cleaning process. Any gaps and the smallest seams and gaps are washed with the preparation, after processing there are no spots and no types of pollution. The liquid is not dangerous to humans, it negatively affects only harmful microbes.

High-quality sanitation of the premises is necessary everywhere – at catering establishments, in offices, hospitals, educational institutions, public toilets, pools, etc. The Kenolux S100 preparation will help to cope with the most difficult tasks in toilet rooms.

The concentrated acid-containing Kenolux S100 is used for daily treatment, as well as periodic cleaning of sanitary rooms. It is used in bathrooms, toilets, pools, hospital wards, etc.

The tool has such positive qualities:

  • Profitability – high concentration, it lasts for a long time;
  • Pleasant smell, and freshens the air;
  • Surface after applying Kenolux becomes smooth and shiny;
  • Perfectly removes various organic compounds, including calcium deposits;
  • In a shower stall or from a tile easily removes fingerprints, traces of soap and other dirt;
  • Safe for plumbing and sewer systems.

Kenolux’s cleaning performance is enhanced by the use of hot or warm water. After cleaning with this product, it is necessary to rinse the surface with warm water.



Removes limescale from surfaces, kitchen equipment and utensils.


With 3-5% dilution (300-500 ml / 10L)

Wipe the surface or fill the unit with the product or soak it until the limescale dissolves. If necessary, scrub with a sponge. Wash the surface or equipment thoroughly with water after use.

Frequency of application: For weekly or intermittent use depending on water hardness

PH: 2.5