Kenolux Rinse HD Hard Water Automatic Dishwasher Rinsing


Made in Belgium

5 Liters

Description: Professional slightly acidic product for rinsing any dishes in hard water. This product is specifically designed for use in (very) hard water. Based on non-ionic detergents and citric acid. It has strong calcium-binding properties. The product has a high wetting and washing ability and effectiveness in hard industrial water.

Kenolux Rinse HD will not only take care of your dishes, but also the cleanliness and proper functioning of the dishwasher, including protecting its interior against mineral deposits accumulating as a result of exploitation.

It also allows to reduce drying time and to avoid the formation of smudges on the dishes. Gives surface gloss. It is intended for use in medical, children’s institutions, at the enterprises of the food industry, public catering and in life. The product must be used with the KENOLUX series detergent. Prevents the deposition of minerals in the rinsing area of ​​your machine.




The product is suitable for dishwashers with an automatic dosing pump. Use 0.1-1 ml of the product per 1 liter of water.