Kenolux Grill Extra 1 Liter


Kenolux Grill Extra – Degreaser for grill and ovens – 1 Liter

Made in Belgium

High-quality cleaning fluid with strong degreasing properties by Cid Lines , a manufacturer of chemicals for professional use, e.g. in gastronomy or sanitary facilities.

Kenolux Grill Extra is a product designed primarily for cleaning surfaces exposed to burning and greasing, such as: grill grate, oven or deep fryer.

Kenolux Grill Extra, thanks to its highly concentrated recipe, will economically get rid of even the most difficult and burdensome burnt fat, leaving immaculate cleanliness without streaks. Extra

versionis an improvement on the basic, commercially available Kenolux Grill preparation and is a response to the ever-growing demands of customers. The preparation is primarily characterized by much faster and more efficient operation, and is a solution that will help avoid the formation of bothersome scratches on the cleaned surfaces.




When cleaning the oven or grill: Cool the oven and then spray the preparation without dilution. After waiting a few minutes, remove the grease with a nylon brush and then rinse with clean water. Finally wipe with a dry cloth.

When cleaning the deep fryer: Fill the interior of the deep fryer with water. Dilute the preparation in a ratio of 10-50% to the entire volume of water. Then heat the deep fryer to a maximum of 80⁰C for about 10 minutes, then leave to cool. After a further 15 minutes after cooling the solution, rinse the inside with clean water.