Kenolux Floor Cleaner


Made in Belgium

5 Liters

Kenolux FLOOR is a powerful degreasing floor cleaner for use in industrial kitchens, wooden parquet floors and the food industry. It can be used for washing by hands or using a floor washing machine.

• Degreasing, non-foaming, prevents the formation of limestone
• With anti-slip properties
• Does not contain solvents



Can be used on any surface except aluminum.

Instructions for use: For

Machine washing:
Dosage: 1-3% (100-300 ml per 10L of water) depending on the degree of dirt.
Spray very dirty surfaces, leave on for 15 minutes, remove with a second car ride.

For hand washing:
Dosage: 20-100 ml of product per bucket of water (10L).
Wash the surface with working solution.
For very dirty surfaces: apply the solution to the surface, allow to act, rub with a brush, wash the surface.