Kenolux Dish Liquid Manual Dish Washing


Kenolux Dish – Liquid for manual washing dishes – 5 Liter

Made in Belgium

Professional cleaning preparation with gloss and degreasing properties.

Kenolux Dish is a product created to increase the comfort of manual dishwashing. Thanks to its highly concentrated recipe, it will help you economically get rid of even the most difficult dirt, including fat stains.

In addition, Kenolux Dish is at the same time completely safe to use and gentle on the skin of the hands, and the gloss components contained in it facilitate rinsing, guaranteeing cleanliness without streaks.




Dilute the preparation in a ratio of 0.2 – 0.5% to the entire volume of warm water, and then wash the dishes using a brush, cloth or sponge. Wet heavily soiled surfaces before proper cleaning. Finally rinse and set aside to dry.