Kenolux D SPOT A 1 Liter


Made in Belgium

Kenolux Textile D-Spot A stain remover Stain remover for common stains on textile or carpet.

  • Powerful stain remover suitable for stains on fruit, red wine, coffee, cola stains
  • Fast-acting
  • For all types of textile and carpets Product description Kenolux D-spot A is a stain remover for soluble stains such as fruit, red wine, coffee, cola stains on carpets, fabrics and clothing. Features Kenolux D-spot A protects your textiles Kenolux D-spot A is effective to remove your stains in a few simple steps Kenolux D-spot A comes in a handy and ready-to-use bottle.


Application Dosage:

Ready to use Application: 1. rub the stain with leave the product on for 2.5 – 15 minutes, do not let it dry 3.