Alco CID A Alcohol No Rinsing Surface Disinfectant


Made in Belgium

5 Liters

ALCO CID-A is a liquid containing 80% alcohol intended for disinfection of: surfaces, objects, devices and equipment in medical or cosmetic surgeries as well as in hairdressers. It is also a great agent for countertops, scales, conveyors, counters and all other surfaces that come into contact with food in the entire food industry or food storage locations – trade and gastronomy. This fluid can be used in medical settings, but should be used on objects and surfaces not directly related to clinical activities.

ALCO CID-A does not leave any marks when sprayed on the surface for 5 minutes. The product also does not require rinsing and reacts very quickly. It can be applied to virtually any type of surface that is resistant to alcohol. It doesn’t leave any smell or taste, it evaporates naturally. The product has bactericidal and killing properties against yeast-like fungi, and does not leave an irritating smell.