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At CID LINES, we believe that hygiene is health. And that health, in turn, is the key to more profitability and sustainability. In agriculture, healthy animals ensure a higher return on investment for farmers. In the food industry, health and safety lead to better business, in line with all regulations. Overall, end consumers will always benefit from a healthy food chain, leading to greater wellbeing.

That’s why we make hygiene work. And we do it in the most effective way, as a trusted partner of farmers and food professionals. Not only do we offer a broad range of products for specific purposes, we also give advice that’s fully tailored to each situation and every step in the chain. To come up with the right hygiene solutions, we build solid relationships with our distributors, offering them continuous support.

Moreover, we always stay ahead by investing in research and development and by sharing our innovations with our partners. This way, we make sure that they don’t need to worry. Because we help them focus on what’s truly essential: keeping their business healthy.


CID LINES offers a broad, high quality range of products, combined with tailored advice to improve hygiene in the agricultural and food industry. Our proactive service, continuous innovation and strive for quality lead to complete hygiene solutions that do not only ensure profitability for all involved, but also enable more sustainable food production and handling.


We build relationships & deliver far-reaching service.

Driven by our service-minded spirit, we always go for a personal approach and aim to exceed the expectations of our customers and partners. We build solid relationships with our distributors, offering them continuous support and enabling them to offer the right products and services to their end-customers. Whether it’s in Belgium or in an international level, CID LINES always thinks along with its clients, to come up with the solutions they truly need.


Hygiene is health

We believe that hygiene is the main driver to ensure health from farm to fork. In turn, health will lead to more profitability, sustainability and, in the end, greater wellbeing for all. We are convinced that hygiene is health, in every step of the food chain. In the agricultural world, we offer hygiene solutions that ensure healthy animals, leading a higher return on investment for farmers.

Let’s make something great together.


Minimum order amount is د.ك10.000