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Hospitality & Restaurants

Demanding professional chefs insist upon Kenolux!

Good hand hygiene involves more than just giving your hands a quick wash under the tap to remove the dirt. When striving to maintain the highest standards of hygiene for machines, animals and your surroundings, it’s important not to overlook personal hygiene.
This is why CID LINES has developed a complete range for cleaning and disinfecting your hands. Regular and thorough hand hygiene helps to stop the spread of infections.

Professional kitchens are often a hectic place to be. Everyone must work quickly and efficiently without compromising food safety or sacrificing the quality needed to produce a delicious meal. There is more to working in a professional kitchen than just feeding people and satisfying demanding taste buds: food safety and hygiene checks are the order of the day.

CID LINES has developed a complete range of cleaning products especially for professional kitchens and catering premises. Specific products for specific uses are backed up by a rigorous hygiene program. This approach is supported by a number of tools, such as technical fact sheets cards that explain how best to use a product. These fact sheets are available from your dealer via a specially developed online application.

CID LINES helps you to draw up a personalized hygiene and registration plan. The hygiene plan contains a clear schedule that prepares you thoroughly for inspections. Checklists help you to accurately test each point, from machine inspection to the administrative procedure in your kitchen. CID LINES ensures that you are always ready for the inspectors.

Minimum order amount is د.ك10.000