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Growing Together


Growing Together

CID LINES is teaming up with Ecolab, the global leader in water, food safety, and hygiene technologies and services. Together, we have complementary strengths and expertise, creating a global Animal Health Division.
By acquiring CID LINES, a market leader in the fast-growing, global market of livestock biosecurity, Ecolab expands its offering and business across the food chain. After the first announcement of the acquisition, we have received regulatory clearance, which means we can proudly announce our official partnership.

At CID LINES, we count 300 employees and reached a 2019 turnover of approximately $119 million. Our primary business offers a full range of cleaning, disinfectant, and hygiene solutions for pig, poultry and dairy farms, products for the food industry, and a strong and complete range of vehicle care products serving customers in over 115 countries.

Together we will expand our offering and food safety expertise, serving customers across industries from dairy farms, hatcheries and grow-out barns to protein processors, through the entire food supply chain.

This new global animal health division will enable a focus on the livestock and the complete dairy industry. Our combined expertise will enable us to better intervene in all points of the food chain.

We will combine CID LINES’ core business together with Ecolab’s technology and expertise to deliver greater value to our customers by protecting animal health and delivering food safety for processors and consumers.

Minimum order amount is د.ك10.000